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Town Of Golden Meadow is a small, incorporated town in southern Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. It is located about 35 miles south of U.S. 90 at Raceland and along Bayou Lafourche as the waterway enters the Gulf of Mexico at Fourchon. The town's proximity to Bayou Lafourche and to the Gulf of Mexico, to abundant seafood and, later, to big oil, is a catalyst for the settling of people here. Significant population increases for the little village came after a few destructive hurricanes, notably the 1893 hurricane which all but destroyed the small nearby fishing community of Cheniere Caminada and the 1915 hurricane which dealt a blow to the nearby community of Leeville. After both storms, survivors began to migrate further inland, many to Golden Meadow. Golden Meadow was likely given its name because of its fields of goldenrods and also of expectations of golden returns from reclaimed lands. Even today, many of the town's residents derive their livelihoods from the gulf by way of commercial fishing and oil and gas exploration and development. After the Golden Meadow Women's Club successfully circulated an incorporation petition, then Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long signed an act of incorporation on July 17, 1950. Alexie Plaisance became the first Mayor of Golden Meadow that same year.