Local History


Town Of Golden Meadow was incorporated on July 17, 1950. According to research by David Bernard, it took four tries by the Golden Meadow Women’s Club before Gov. Earl Long signed the act of incorporation. The club selected Alexie Plaisance, a banker and businessman, to serve as the first mayor until elections could be held two years later. The club also appointed the first Board of Aldermen, consisting of Freddie Collins, Mrs. Joe Leonard Sr., Victor Theriot and Hubert Lafont Sr. The first election was held April 8, 1952. Plaisance won the mayor’s race with 76 percent of the vote. The original town hall, on La. 1 near the center of town, was built at a cost of $30,000. On July 26, 2010 all operations of the Town were moved to the New Town of Golden Meadow Multi-Purpose Building and Emergency Center. It is located off of Alex Plaisance Blvd. at 107 Jervis Drive, to the front of the Office of Motor Vehicles.


Mayors Of Golden Meadow

  • Joey Bouziga 1999-present
  • Leonard Miller 1999*
  • Jervis B. Autin 1980-1999
  • Kenneth “Kip” Plaisance 1968-1980
  • Gilbert Cheramie 1964-1968
  • Jack Egle 1960-1964
  • Alexie Plaisance 1950-1960

* = interim